dax30-stocksThe DAX30 Index of the German Stock Exchange is the most important stock index for Germany. The DAX30 contains the 30 biggest companies, traded on the German Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) in Frankfurt. Here we offer an overview of all DAX30 Stocks for 2017:

Which DAX30 Stock has the highest dividend?
Which DAX30 Stock is below book value?
And which DAX30 Stock has the highest PE?

If you want to do a comparison of the DAX30 Stocks on the German Stock Exchange, you usually start with the comparison of the most important stock ratios, such as Price-Earning-Ratio, Price-to-Book Value, Dividend Yield and the performance over one year. These ratios will help you in your investment decision and to evaluate which DAX30 Stocks are cheap or expensive. To select the "right" stocks is not always easy, most investors have not been able to beat the DAX30 index with their own portfolio. Hence, an indexfund (ETF) on the DAX might be an alternative. The ETF invests in all the DAX30 Stocks on the German Stock Exchange and delivers you the DAX Performance with very low fees.

Attached you find the complete list of all DAX30 Stocks on the German Stock Exchange with their financial ratios:

cheap stocks with high dividend yieldThese international Bluechips Stocks offer a high yield

Bluechips are the most valuable chips in the Casino. At the stock market, Blue Chips are the most valuable enterprises of a country. These international companies are usually well diversified and hence less vulnerable then smaller companies. Many of these international Bluechips-Stocks pay currently an attractive dividend yield of over 4% per year. 

In the table below, we show you Blue Chip Stocks were the market expects a dividend of 4% and more for 2017. Many of these Stocks are attractive priced with a low PE-Ratio and a high Dividend-Yield. Cheap Stocks have a PE-Ratio under 10, hence you have to pay only 10-times the yearly-earnings of that company.

Great Britain's High Dividend Stocks

UK High Dividend StocksDespite BREXIT: Britain's got high dividends! Equities from UK are among the best dividend-payers of the world. A lot of large-cap Bluechip-Stocks are going to pay a high dividend over 4% in 2018. Shares from Great Britain pay traditionally a high dividend to their shareholders.

There is no withholding tax at source in UK. Hence you got paid out the whole dividend. Most companies pay a quarterly dividend and many of them offer the choice to receive the dividend in cash or to reinvest in new shares.

Here you get the list with the best and highest dividend stocks in UK for 2018:

swiss stocks pay nice dividendsThe Swiss Stock Market showed a mixed performance during 2016. While many Small and Mid Cap Companies were able to move up on solid fundamentals, Larg Caps underperformed. It has been namely the Pharma-Sector with heavyweights like Novartis and Roche and Banks leading the Swiss Market lower. Nevertheless many companies increased the dividend payout and profit from solid growth. 

Switzerland is still being considered as a safe haven for investors due to its political stability, low debt ratio, hard currency and it's dynamic, innovative and high-tech companies. While Government Bonds and Corporate Bonds in Swissfranc are unattractive at a low yield to maturity of 0%, Swiss Stocks with high dividends are still attractive: Many companies pay more than 3% dividend yield and most of the corporations are going to pay higher dividends in 2017 than the year before.

usa-flagThese U.S. Stocks pay more than 4% in 2017

All Stocks are large-cap companies and members of the S&P500 Index. This index contains the 500 largest US Stocks. The stocks you find on the list below will pay a dividend of more than 4% in 2017. Please note, that the dividend indicated is the expected dividend financial analysts anticipate to be paid in 2017.

Are those high dividends bargains or traps? Many of these high dividend stocks are telecom or energy companies. Markets with high competition. Is the high dividend a reason to buy those stocks or will stock-prices go down further? It's up to every investor to make this thoughts!

german-dividend-stocksDue to the low level of interest and the strength of the German economy, German Stocks with high dividends are favored by investors around the globe. Many companies pay dividends over 4.0% for 2017.

These distributions are an important source of income for many investors. Nevertheless you should check if the dividend is sustainable and the share-price is justified because the price-movements for equities are high!

In this article you find all the medium and large-cap German Stocks with a dividend-yield over 4.0%.

Here comes the complete overview of all German Equities with a high dividend for 2017:

low-peg-stocks.jpgBlue Chips Stocks with low PEG Ratio

The PEG Ratio is a very good indicator to evaluate stocks. It says that a stocks PE should be lower than a stocks growth rate (EPS-Growth-Rate for the next 5 years). If that's the case, the PEG Ratio is below 1 and hence you are not paying too much for a company's growth. And there are even more benefits! Only profitable companies have a PE. Therefore stocks with losses or with phantasy PE's of 100 are not showing up, because their PEG is not under 1. Stocks with low PE and low PEG-Ratio usually outperform the market over the long run because you are not paying too much for what you get!

The list shows a selection of international Blue Chip Companies with a PEG Ratio under 1. These are cheap growth stocks. At the moment financials, materials and auto companies are dominant on the list. Are these low-peg-stocks a bargain or is the growth expectation for the future just too high? Make up your own decision!

best-dividend-stocks-europeThe best dividend stocks 2014 in Europe

There are many high dividend stocks in Europe. But we show you the best dividend stocks in Europe for 2014. The most important question, when you invest in "best dividend stocks" is: are these high dividends sustainable? Or is the company reducing its dividend? Therefore we searched for dividend stocks which not only paid last year a high dividend, but are going to pay also over 5% dividend this year and increase their dividend next year. Companies with such a high and rising dividend, are considered here as "best dividend stocks in Europe".

The list below shows our best dividend stocks for European blue chips in 2014. The market is anticipating a yield over 5% in 2014 a rising dividend next year for 2015. As you can see, insurance-companies, utilities, telecom and energy-producers are leading the list of the best dividend stocks. An investor who wants to invest in the best dividend stocks, should diversify the investment-portfolio over stocks and sectors. Therefore an ETF on the best dividend stocks can also be an interesting solution for investors, as this article shows.

The top high dividend shares of Switzerland

swiss stocks pay nice dividends

Switzerland is well known as a safe haven for investors. It offers a stable democracy and a hard currency. The country is also well known for its innovation and precision. While Swiss Bonds offer very poor yields of 0% - 1%, Swiss Equities have nice dividends!

Many companies were able to increase the dividend in the past years.

We show you a list of the top Swiss companies for 2014 offering the best and highest dividend yield.

MP900400798Due to the low level of interest and the strength of the German economy, German Stocks with high dividends are favored by investors around the globe. Many companies pay dividends over 3.5% for 2014.

These distributions are an important source of income for most investors. Nevertheless you should check if the dividend is sustainable and the share-price is justified because the price-movements for equities are high!

In this article you find all the medium and large-cap German Stocks with a dividend-yield over 3.5%.

Here comes the complete overview of all German Equities with a high dividend for 2014:

Euro-BondsIf you want to re-invest EUR-Bonds you feel the pain of very low yields for short and mid-term bonds. For high grade bonds, covered bonds and corporate bonds with a good rating you pay prices far over 100%. Recently issued bonds offer very low interest coupons. The yield to maturity is often below 1%.

If you want to invest your money at higher yields, you have to take lower quality issuers (High Yield Bonds).  We searched for bonds which still offer an attractive yield over 3%!


These Bonds match the following search criteria:

Lower costs deliver a huge excess return over time

kosten-sparen-mit-etfsI wrote already several posts about ETF. ETFs are exchange traded index funds. They are not actively managed but they represent an index. Therefore ETFs are very cheaply priced and have much lower management fees compared to actively managed investment-funds.

An actively managed investment-fund tries to achieve an out-performance relative to the index due to his active management style. That should deserve a higher management-fee. But, as statistics show, most active funds are not able to beat the benchmark index over a long run. 

That's why ETFs should be able to achieve the same investment performance before costs. But how do these management fees influence the performance? Due to the interest on interest the gap between high and low costs gets bigger and bigger over time! Have a look at the following model calculation, how much costs matters when investing!

cheap stocks with high dividend yieldThese cheap Bluechips offer a high yield

Bluechips are big international companies from industrial countries. Currently, there are several of these stocks traded with low valuation. If a stock is really valued low, investors try to figure out with ratios.

Considered as attractive valued are stocks with a low PE-Ratio and a high Dividend-Yield. Here are 24 stocks, with a PE-Ratio below 10, and a Dividend-Yield over 4%. Furthermore the Price-to-book-Ratio is mentioned as well. Some of these 24 stocks are even traded below their book-value.

usa-flagAmericas most valuable

The US is home to the worlds biggest public companies. These Mega-Caps have more cash in their pockets than the yearly economic performance of some smaller Euro-Countries. Hence they are considered rightly as safe-haven investments. Like a supertanker, they are big enough to safely navigate around the risks of the European-Debt-Crisis. 

We show you the biggest stocks by market value in the USA and the key data of these Mega-Caps. The list contains the 12 biggest US-Stocks by market-cap, their industry, Price-to-Earnings-Ratio, Dividend-Yield and their price movement during the last 52 weeks.


the best stock screener on the internetThe number of stocks on this planet is uncountable. There are thousands of different companies in every industry and around the globe. So which one to choose?

If you want to select stocks by criteria like PE-ratio or dividend yield, a stock-screener is what you need.

Several web-pages on the internet offer a free online database of international stocks. You can screen and search for many different selection criteria; the service will then provide you a list of stocks which fulfill the criteria you chose. That's all about a stock-screener.

So which Stock-Screener can I recommend, that is online available and free of charge?