Calculate the Dividend Yield online

The Dividend Yield can easily be calculated with this online-calculator.

The Dividend Yield is an important ratio for income oriented investors. The Dividend Yield shows the dividend-income per year of a stock in percent of the current stock price.

Here you can learn more about the Dividend Yield.


Dividend Yield Formula

You can easily compound the dividend yield with the following formula for yourself:

     yearly dividend-payment    * 100  
              current stock price


How to use the dividend yield calculator

Example: Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Stock pays a quarterly dividend of 0.28 USD. The stock trades at 38 USD. Whats the dividend yield?



Enter 1.12 in the first field. That's the yearly dividend which is four times 0.28

Enter 38 in the second field. This is the current stock price.

Or calculate by yourself: 4 x 0.28 x 100 : 38

Answer: The Dividend Yield of Coca-Cola is 2.95%

Dividend Yield Calculator