Online Date Calculator

With this easy calculator you can calculate a due-date, if you have a given start-date and a given number of days.

If you want to calculate the number of days between two dates, please use our day-calculator.


Date Calculator Example

You have to write an invoice to your client.

Today is the 24th of October and the term of payment is within 100 days.

When is this invoice due? 24th of October +100 days?

Instead of of counting days in the calendar, use our date calculator:

Answer: The Due-Date is the 1st of February


How to use the Date Calculator

start date: Enter a start-date or chose a date from the calendar

+ number of days: Enter a specific amount of days to add (i.e. 100). If you want to deduct days from the start-date enter a minus (i.e. -100)

Click on "Calculate end date" and the Calculator will bring you the right end-date (due-date).

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