MP900387760These are the companies which pay the highest dividends for 2013. All of them pay more than 5% dividend yield.

The S&P500 index contains the largest 500 US Stocks. These large caps are very liquid and information about these companies is widely available.

Currently Telecom and Tobacco Stocks pay the highest dividends. But both industries are confronted with sinking sales and margins. Is this high dividend a unique opportunity for investors to buy cheap stocks? Or are those dividends to high and need to be cut in the future? As an investor, its up to you to make a decision.

dividend-etfsDividend ETF's with the highest distribution

ETF's are exchange traded funds. They replicate an index of stocks in a efficient and cheap way. With the purchase of an ETF, an investor is investing in a basket of shares. There are more and more ETF's on the market investing in "high dividend stocks". The ETF's are investing in the stocks of the relative stock-index, earning the dividends these companies pay and distribute these dividends to the investors of the funds on a regularly basis.  In this article you find the dividend-etfs with the highest dividend available on US-exchanges.

Investment success of those strategies depends on the quality of the index the ETF is replicating. The composition of the index defines which equities the ETF contains. While some ETFs were able to deliver high distributions and an increase in the funds value, others lagged to show sustainable investment performance. High dividends alone are no guaranty for performance if the stocks in the relevant index are lagging behind the general stock-market.

This list contains ETF's with a distribution yield higher than 5% on dividend-stocks, preferred shares and MLP's.

MC900441786These 15 Brewer and Distillers Stocks offer longterm growth and protection in shaky-markets

Stocks from Breweries and Distilleries are considered as weatherproof in all market conditions. People are thirsty and in tough times maybe even more? Furthermore is the world population growing and consumers from emerging markets have more and more appetite for wine and beer. Hence these brewer and distiller companies are growing in the new markets, while sales in Europe are lagging. Thanks to a lot of cash in the pocket the companies are taking over brewers in emerging markets: Heineken bought Asia Pacific Breweries and Anbev acquired Mondelez. Shareholders profit from rising dividends and growing sales. These is an overview of the worlds 15 biggest beer and spirit stocks: